The Presentation and Discussion Session by Mr. Mai Thanh Truyết, Ph. D. and Miss Nguyen Thuy in Portland, Oregon.

The Presentation and Discussion Session by Mr. Mai Thanh Truyết, Ph. D. and Miss Nguyen Thuy in Portland, Oregon.

Reported by New Hope Media Network

Portland Oregon, Sunday Mar. 18, 2018 at 6:00 PM, New Hope Media Network organized a Session to discuss a crucial issue (an issue of real interest) that affects our daily living, Food Safety. The speakers are experts in their fields of work.

-(tampered) food and contaminated food products from Vietnam and China (Dr. Mai Thanh Truyet)

-dangerous and poisonous chemicals in the Nail Business that are harmful to human (Miss Nguyen Nguyen Thuy)

DSC_0250- TS Mai Thanh Truyet va Nguyen Nguyen Thuy

Dr. Mai Thanh Truyet & Miss Nguyen Nguyen Thuy

DSC_0257- Quan khach tham du

There are approximately 130 distinguished attendants.

The Organization Committee disclaims any suggestion of boycotting products made in Vietnam or China or creating problems for Vietnamese or Chinese markets and restaurants.  However, we must help everyone become aware of potentially harmful products (made in those two countries) that are sold in a great number of countries overseas.  It’s also our duty to help promote healthy food products made in the USA.

In appreciation of our efforts to look out for the good health of our residents, at least four local Vietnamese restaurants support our work, mostly Pho Ga Bo Restaurant in Hillsboro, Kim Huong Restaurant in Salem, Rose VL Deli and Ha VL Sandwiches in Portland, Oregon.

IMG_9585- Mot goc quan khach- theo doi phan thuyet trinh

(photo) Observations and comments from participants:

Artist Huynh Luong Vinh wrote:  “Congratulations for an exceptional and successful event on a Sunday Evening in Portland.”

It was a most meaningful event for us.  My heartfelt thanks to the Organizers for a most memorable afternoon for our compatriots and for myself.”


MC Ha Long wrote:  “I felt honored for my little contributions to the program.  I felt like coming home from a very long trip, for I ran into numerous friends and familiar faces in the Community.  I thank you profoundly.”

DSC_0395- Ha Long va Hoai Trang

MC & singer Hạ Long and Singer & musician Hoài Trang

A few benefactors could not have attended but sent funds to support our cause.

Another attendant declared that his notion of reading Dr. Truyet’s books and (watching his shows on TV; listening to his radio talk shows) gave him enough information on the “safe food,” but realized that his attendance of this lecture is even more informative.

This Meeting/Discussion Session was organized by members and friends of New Hope Media Network, which is a non-profit organization, intended at serving legal residents of the U.S., born or naturalized as well as the Vietnamese people (Vietnamese Americans).


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